Segment A: Sinnett's Last Session?/Segment B: Hellbound?

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Segment A: Sinnett's Last Session?
WHRV's resident jazz master, Jae Sinnett, has just released his newest album, "Still Standing."  There's a rumor that this, his 5th release, may be his last.  He'll stop by the studio to chat with host Cathy Lewis about his influences, body of work, and if this latest album will really be his last.

Scheduled Guest:
Jae Sinnett
- Composer, Drummer, Radio Personality

Segment B: Hellbound?

"Does hell exist? If so, who ends up there, and why?":  that's the question posed by the provocative new documentary film, "Hellbound?," showing at the Naro Cinema on October 17.  The film features a candid conversation with an eclectic group of authors, theologians, pastors, and social commentators about the very nature of hell. We're joined by the film's writer and director to discuss his work and what he discovered about both divinity and humanity while creating "Hellbound?."

Scheduled Guests:
Kevin Miller
- Writer, Director, "Hellbound?"

Michael Hardin - Director, Preaching Peace


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