Segment A: A Nation of Renters?/Segment B: Challenges in Condominium Communities

Posted by: perry 2/14/2012 6:05 PM

Tuesday, February 14
Segment A: A Nation of Renters?

Housing trends show many Americans either delaying buying a house until the market stabilizes, or opting out as they recover from previous housing misadventures. The result is a red-hot rental market. On today’s broadcast, Cathy talks with experts about this trend in the Hampton Roads area and what new federal programs could mean for would-be home owners.

Scheduled Guest:
Mark Vitner, Managing Director & Senior Economist at Wells Fargo Securities, LLC


Segment B: Challenges in Condominium Communities 
The decline of the housing market hit many Condo owners especially hard. Unable to sell their properties, they leased them, which in turn caused condo sales to plummet even further. In some cases, condo regulations now prohibit owners from even attempting to sell their homes. We’ll examine these issues and learn what help is available for Condo owners.

Scheduled Guests:
Jeanne S. Lauer, Esquire
Inman & Strickler, P.L.C.


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