Wednesday, September 2

Posted by: tayla 9/2/2009 12:18 AM

Health Care
The debate over Health Care rages on as Congress gets ready to reconvene on September 8th. Today we talk with Uwe Reinhardt, the James Madison Professor of Political Economy at Princeton University and T.R. Reid who chronicles his global tour of hospitals and doctors' offices in his new book The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care.

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United States Wm Simonson 
9/2/2009 9:33 PM
I am a self-employed and relatively healthy 62 year old. I have an indivudual policy with Anthem and it just increased to $1,134 per month! I rarely make claims but when I do they typically pay only a portion of my medical expenses. I would love to have an alternate choice of health care providers so some type of government option that would compete with the giant Anthem.

United States martin 
9/2/2009 9:35 PM
Do your speakers think we can have significant reform without some sort of price controls.

and related

How does the government "negociate" with an individual practitioner?

9/2/2009 9:54 PM
Your guest's comments regarding Congressmen and Senators as beneficiaries of a "government take-over of healthcare" and his suggestion that it would have some significance if they would set an example by refusing it and managing their own healthcare seems absurd. That's because their health plan is a benefit of their employer. As an employee benefit, the health plan that elected legislators enjoy is an example of the American way of doing business. Offering great benefits to attract talent, and choosing careers and jobs that offer great benefits. From this perspective, Mr. Reid's suggestion doesn't seem to have the desire effect of making a mockery of the health plan that our Senators have earned.

United States Bill 
9/2/2009 9:54 PM
America's enconomy has been built on entrepreneurial endeavors.  The entrepreneurial spirit is seriosly held back by healthcare costs.  I have a great business concept for an energy-conservation business, but I can't start this business because of the risk it will bring to my family because of healthcare costs.  If this country wants small business to grow, universal, affordable healthcare is essential.  The existing system will NEVER help small business.  

United States Cliff 
9/3/2009 5:47 AM
Both your guest have a great understanding of the  healthcare debate. I thank you and your producers for finding such knowledgeable guest. I wish they could make some of the town hall meetings. Their staight talk MAY help debunk some of the down right lies that have been spreaded. They need to be heard by a larger audience.