HearSay Programming July 18 - 21

The Sporting Life
Monday, July 18, 2016
Recess isn’t just for kids anymore. From baseball to rugby to kickball, Hampton Roads is filled with sports leagues designed for adult fun. These activities maintain social well-being and build communities, while also helping keep the mind sharp and the body fit. Cathy will be chatting with some team players from a small portion of the region's extensive network of adult sports leagues, and discuss the conservative constructs of adulthood these games playfully shatter.

Republican and Democratic National Conventions
July 19, 2016
On today’s show, we’ll be anticipating the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions taking place the next two weeks. The Republicans start the 4-day long event Monday in Cleveland, Ohio, with Democrats meeting in Philadelphia the following week. Delegates from each state will reveal their nominations for president. We’ll bring you a wrap-up of the events and answer your questions about the conventions.

Special Programming - Obama's Years: Part 1
July 20, 2016

In the first hour of Obama's Years, NPR's Steve Inskeep travels the country to places in which President Obama delivered speeches — from Denver to Kansas City to Philadelphia — and checks in with Americans living in those places to ask about their perspectives on the issues the President discussed, such as immigration, healthcare, guns and race relations. 

Special Programming - Obama's Years: Part 2
July 21, 2016
In the second hour of this special coverage, NPR's Steve Inskeep asks the President about the thoughts, ideas and lives of the people he met during the reporting for this documentary.