HearSay Programming May 23 -26

Let's Keep it Civil
Monday, May 23, 2016
Civility is more about more than being nice, or polite. It is about finding common ground in the midst of our differences and expressing disagreement without disrespect. Today we'll consider why civility seems to be vanishing from our day to day interactions, be they on-line or face-to-face. Do you find youself having a hard time remaining civil in the midst of fierce disagreements? Join us today with your experiences at 440-2665 or 1-800-940-2240.

HearSay's Delicious "Summer" Dish
May 24, 2016
HearSay's Delicious Dish welcomes the summer season of food and fun with a very special show, live from the WHRO parking lot! Join host Cathy Lewis and our favorite foodie Chef Patrick Evans-Hylton for a "Memorial Day picnic" outside! What summer dishes are on your menu this year? We'll also talk about what's trending and where you can enjoy the most the season has to offer for your pantry.  Stop by for lunch (and sweet treats!) and join us today for this special edition of HearSay!

America's Pastime
May 25, 2016

Segment A:
How much is that box of old baseball cards in your attic worth? Today vintage sports memorabilia expert, Michael Osacky, joins us to talk about his life spent collecting pre-1970 sports cards, especially tobacco and Cracker Jack baseball cards, and how to figure out which cards in your dusty old collection might be worth a second look!
Segment B:
Sports fans are the most ardent brand loyalists on earth. Each and every day, millions of people around the globe show their passion for sports as they devote countless hours and many billions of dollars to this very visible aspect of contemporary popular culture. Sports enthusiasts are tribal in nature. Logos and uniform designs often connect generations of fans who follow their favorite teams and athletes with dedication and intensity. Todd Radom has been creating some the most visible brands in American professional sports for more than twenty years. He joins us to share what it takes to design for sports, and  why it’s like no other design niche anywhere.

In Your Blossoming Garden with Jim Orband
May 26, 2016
Is it finally spring?! With weather this lovely, you can't really expect us to contain our excitement, can you? However you can expect our gardening guru, Jim Orband, to swing by and wax poetic about bulbs and rhizomes!