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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

HearSay's Delicious Dish: 2/20/13
Segment A:  Flavor Profiles
First up in our monthly cooking program, HearSay host Cathy Lewis talks with our favorite foodie Patrick Evans-Hylton and gets the latest dish on local restaurants and eateries with our popular "Flavor Profiles" segment.
Scheduled Guests:
Chef Patrick Evans-Hylton - Senior Editor for Food & Wine, Hampton Roads Magazine, and executive editor for Virginia Wine Lover Magazine. He is the author of seven books, including “Popcorn” and the new cookbook, “Dishing Up Virginia,” due out in April 2013.
Executive Chef Bobby Huber - Owner, "Braise" restaurant (opening soon in Virginia Beach)
Segment B:  Delicious International Dish
It's international cuisine, literally on an international scale!  We'll talk with the author/editor of Saveur's new book, "The Way We Cook: Portraits of Home Cooks Around the World."  This collection of lush culinary images conveys the inspiring ways that people feed themselves each day in countries all over the globe. From a chef doling out Charleston, South Carolina's finest fried pork chop to a family making fresh cheese in Zacatecas, Mexico and a mother and daughter preparing an elaborate meal in Riga, Latvia, these stories and visuals are a stunning look at cuisine on a global scale.  You'll also find out how you can get a copy of this book as a gift with your support to WHRV-FM during our current fundraising campaign.
Scheduled Guest:
James Oseland
- Food writer, editor-in-chief "Saveur," and author of "Saveur - The Way We Cook: Portraits of Home Cooks Around the World"
Segment C:  Delicious Dish Etiquette
From taking your hat off at the table to tipping for great service, how's your dining etiquette?  In any case, we'll take a look at why  the point of etiquette rules is to make you feel comfortable, not uncomfortable.  Our guests will help you discern the do's and don'ts when dining out or in or hosting a private dinner party.  Elizabeth "Lizzie" Post, etiquette maven Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter, joins HearSay host Cathy Lewis along with two culinary experts to answer your questions live.
Scheduled Guests:
Elizabeth Post
-  The Emily Post Institute, Inc., Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter and co-author of "Emily Post's Etiquette," 18th edition, and "Great Get-Togethers"
Chef Dedra Blount -  Chef Educator, Certified Servsafe Instructor Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association
Chef Jerry Bryan
- Owner, Coastal Grill - Virginia Beach

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