Segment A -- Pudgy Pet Health/Segment B -- Dulcet Tones/Il Volo - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Segment A -- Pudgy Pet Health
Chances are that your two-legged house guests weren't the only ones enjoying a Thanksgiving bounty last week. From table scraps to treats, pets often eat a little too much of food that is a little too rich.  On today's show, our resident veterinarian Dr. Phyllis Neumann joins us live in studio to talk about the problems that too much holiday food can cause for your pet's health.

Scheduled Guest:
Phyllis Neumann
- Veterinarian, Todds Lane Veterinary Hospital


Segment B -- Dulcet Tones
Tune in tonight's Rockefeller Center tree lighting on NBC at 8pm and you'll be serenaded by the Itallian vocal trio "IL VOLO."  The trio of teenage crooners are performing tonight and you can also watch their concert tonight on WHRO-TV 15 at 9:30pm.  On the program today, one of the singers talks with HearSay producer Danny Epperson about the trio's new album, "We Are Love," and the group's rocket ride to fame and more. 


Gianluca Ginoble - Vocalist, IL VOLO


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Want to just hear Danny's interview with Gianluca?

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