You're Doing It All Wrong! - Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Segment A:  You're Doing It All Wrong! 

Think you know how to tie your shoes? When to get the most kick out of your coffee?  How to slice a birthday cake? Fold a shirt?  There are simply situations in life we're faced with and we think we know how to do them right, but in the age of information sharing and the internet, we often times find out differently!  HearSay guest host Kerri Furey talks with the folks with BuzzFeed to get the scoop on what "we're all doing wrong" and how they find out "how we do it right," plus some do-it-yourself tips! 

Scheduled Guest:

Kate Reynolds is an executive producer with BuzzFeed 

Alanna Okun is a DIY Associate Editor with BuzzFeed

Segment B:  Do's and Don'ts of Do-It Yourself

They are the whys, hows and what-ifs of everyday experiences, but you'll be surprised to realize you actually know nothing about them.  National Geographic television is taking on the task to gather everything they can to find the best techniques to accomplish these formerly simple tasks — until even making ice cubes!  Kerri will talk with the host of the new series, "Going Deep with David Rees" for the answers.

Scheduled Guest:

David Rees is host of the National Geographic Channel’s new 10-part series "Going Deep with David Rees," a how-to show that teaches you how to do the things you think you already know how to do 






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